D'a de San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, D’a de

August 10
St. Laurence of Rome was a deacon under Pope Sixtus II in the third century. According to legend, St. Laurence was cooked alive on a gridiron, a few days after the pope was martyred. In the midst of his torture, it is said he suggested that his tormentors turn him over to ensure that he would be well-roasted. His feast day is August 10.
As the patron saint of Zinacantan, Chiapas State, Mexico, San Lorenzo is honored with a five-day festival that takes place August 7-11 each year. The highlight is a procession, interrupted periodically by a dance performed by the Capitanes . Each dancer holds one foot out in front while hopping on the other foot for a time, then they shift so that the opposite foot is held out. Thousands attend the festival, which includes a huge open market and a fireworks display.
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