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POIGNANT US cemetery near Omaha beach and right, D-Day re-enacter POIGNANT US near Omaha
Use the term D-day around a person who knows a little about history (even very little), and they picture GIs splashing onto a Normandy beach from a Higgins boat.
As author Eric Ethier points out in his narrative of Normandy's D-day in this very special issue, when American, Canadian, British, and other Allied soldiers and marines rushed onto the beaches of the Bay of the Seine on June 6, 1944, something important changed in the war's direction and dynamics, even in its very psychology.
Perhaps the reason Normandy's D-day is for us simply D-Day is that we look back at it from a privileged vantage point.
Whenever this is brought up, my reply is invariably: "Which D-Day do you mean?
For this reason, a replica of the Higgins boat will be the highlight of the new National D-Day Museum in New Orleans.
The National D-Day Museum will celebrate the American spirit," said Stephen E.
When completed, the National D-Day Museum will be 67,000 square feet.
Namely: D-Day Normandy, Southern France, Central Europe, Northern France, Ardennes, France, Rome-Arno, Italy, Rhineland, Germany, Sicily, and Holland.
England head for their D-days with the Wallabies and All Blacks in June on the back of those hugely disappointing defeats by Ireland and France.
FORGET about D-Days for Derry any more - this is D-Year, the 'D' being for Delivery of an Ulster title that is long overdue.