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(Liquid Crystal on Silicon) A technology used to make microdisplays for rear-projection TVs and head-mounted displays (HMDs). Each LCoS chip hosts a grayscale LCD shutter sandwiched between a cover glass and a mirror. The bottom of the cover glass is coated with indium tin oxide that holds a charge. When combined with the charges at the x-y location on the chip's matrix, it causes the liquid crystals to modulate the light for that pixel.

A Mirror Reflects Light Back
Typically used in sets of three (one each for red, green and blue), light is beamed onto the LCoS chip. For the pixels modulated to allow light to pass through, the light hits a mirror and is reflected back to a color filter. The output of the three color filters is combined and magnified to the size of the screen.

Silicon X-tal Reflective Display (SXRD) and Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier (D-ILA and HD-ILA) are proprietary LCoS technologies from Sony and JVC respectively. See rear-projection TV and head mounted display.

Liquid Crystal Microdisplays
LCoS uses LCD panels similar to LCD-based units, except that light is reflected back from a mirror behind the panel to color filters before heading to the lenses.

LCoS Chips from Aurora Systems
Also known as "imagers" and "spatial light modulators," LCoS microdisplays are typically less than an inch square, and their pixel pitch is in the 8-20 micron range.These chips have resolutions from 1024x768 to 1280x768. (Image courtesy of Aurora Systems, Inc.)
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75-inch 8K4K D-ILA device, the world's first device to achieve real Super Hi-Vision definition level.
Applications that will benefit from 4K2K projectors featuring JVC's new D-ILA technology consist of simulation, computer modeling and CAD, and medical viewing systems.
With NanoTech's Nuvola NP-1 and UltraFlix able to bring more than 500 hours of 4K Ultra HD content to our D-ILA Projector distributor s , the availability of 4K content is no longer an issue.
For more information and photos on JVC's D-ILA projectors and technology, please visit JVC's Web site at http://referenceseries.
Selling prices for blank media and consumer digital electronics including LCD televisions and D-ILA hybrid projection TVs were down significantly, while declines in sales of audio products and CRT televisions also negatively impacted profits.
Both sets each use three native 1080p JVC D-ILA devices, LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology developed by JVC that is renowned for its close pixel spacing, which delivers a bright, high contrast, smooth image.
Incorporating JVC's exclusive D-ILA Hologram Device, the AV-61S901 is capable of producing a high-resolution (1280 x 1028 pixels), high-contrast, big-screen image far brighter than conventional projection TV images, with a wide angle of visibility.
JVC Company of America this summer will launch a new generation of high definition rear projection televisions based on the company's D-ILA microdisplay device, the highest density microdisplay device available.
JVC Company of America today announced a new generation of rear projection high definition televisions based on the company's D-ILA microdisplay device, the highest density microdisplay device available.
Both models accept composite, S-Video, YPrPb, RGB, 480/576p and scale these inputs to 480p, 720p, 1080i, or 1080p as required by today's DTV-compatible LCD/DLP/ D-ILA projectors, high-resolution plasma panels, and CRT/ LCD monitors.
Faroudja's Home Theater Display packages combine Faroudja video processors with D-ILA, DLP or plasma display systems that have been "Theater-Optimized" by Faroudja engineering for exceptional performance and simplified installation.