In radar, a C-scope display in which the blips extend vertically to give a rough estimate of distance. Also called D-indicator, D-scan, or D-scope. See also C-scope.
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The D-scan image data is generated by moving the probe pair during inspection.
According to regional manager Philip Wallace: "We are able to perform real-time inspection with FMC and provide fully calibrated B-, C-, and D-scan visualisation.
Moreover, an improved version of D-Scan has been proposed by the aforementioned authors.
D-Scan Inc., a Masco-owned producer of RTA, has a new man at the helm, Jay Jordan, who has only been there about a month, so don't look for very many radical changes at market.
of Taylor, MI, announced that it has acquired d-Scan Inc.
Another Masco company, d-scan Inc., combines RTA and preassembled components for its new Virginia collection of office furniture.
David Nelson, president of ready-to-assemble furniture manufacturer D-Scan Inc., was enthusiastic about the market.
* d-SCAN Inc., a South Boston, VA-based manufacturer of veneered-RTA home office furniture, "Innovator of the Year;"
In the past few years, Masco has gotten back into the furniture business with the acquisition of three producers of ready-to-assemble furniture: Mill's Pride, d-Scan and Tvilum Scanbirk.
Last week, Masco announced the purchases of three home-oriented companies: a vinyl window maker, a showerhead producer and d-Scan, a flat-pack manufacturer of office and entertainment furniture.
Business supplier Quill.com, on the other hand, makes it "our job to make your job easier" by putting up 17 computer workstation configurations (Canadian RTA vendor Bestar, Bush, Hon, D-scan and Martin are among the featured manufacturers) in its computer furniture section alone.