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, dal, dholl
a tropical African and Asian leguminous shrub, Cajanus cajan, cultivated in tropical regions for its nutritious pealike seeds


(1) (Dedicated Access Line) A private "tie line" between a customer and the telephone company.

(2) (Data Access Language) A database interface from Apple that allows the Mac to access DAL-supported databases on Macs or non-Apple computers. It is a superset of SQL. Database vendors license the specs and translate DAL calls to their database engines.
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There was an array of some 16 meat, poultry and fish delicacies but his favourite daal was missing.
He said that now, even meat lovers make it a point to also order daal.
Sally Metcalfe, Tim Metcalfe, Gina, Geoff and Yasmeen are all dressed in circus outfits making the final preparations for the Speed Daal family day.
Former Pakistani premier Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's all-time favourite food was qeema, daal, pickle and chatni.
Agriculture minister Gauri Shanker Bisen, who comes from the tribal- dominated Balaghat region, got pakoras , rice, daal and chapattis along with mango chutney.
Visit: www.turtlebay.co.uk | |Family Time: Page 8 Mowgli's Shagor Clancy's daal Chaiholics' lamb shank
daal (washed imported), white chana and basin would be available on Rs 112, Rs 132, Rs 240, Rs 140 and Rs 120, respectively at Fair Price Shops of Ramzan Bazaars.
Rodney Daal and Dane Phillips led off the inning with back-to-back singles.
This festive combo which is starting from 5th Jan and ending on 29th Jan includes Oye shava saag Paneer, Shahi kofta, Daal makhani, Meethe Gud Bhare Chawal, Mirch Masala Parathas, Tilbhara sweet Tilbugga and Mast Kalandar's very famous Patiyala chaas, Raita, Salad.
The price of tomatoes have been sharply increased and was sold at Rs100-110 per kilo, mutton was available at Rs400, beef at Rs220, onions at Rs30, lady finger at Rs50, sugar at Rs76, ghee at Rs135, rice at Rs90-95, lemon at Rs100, Daal Channa at Rs80, dates at Rs250 per kg, guavas at Rs150, watermelon at Rs50 per kg and Daal Mash at Rs200.
Other dishes on sale at Fenwick include seekh kebab, murg makhani, rogan josh, channa, daal and nans.
DYRON DAAL ruined Barry Wilson's homecoming with a humdinger at Dingwall.