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Device Association Framework

Windows system software, starting with Windows 8, that interfaces with networked devices. For example, DAFUPnP is a Device Association Framework (DAF) for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which is used to stream media across the network. It is implemented as the DAFUPNP.DLL in the Windows system folder.

Not Quite User Friendly
This message should say "Allow nearby devices to access your device?"

Hardly Any Better
How about "Allow Windows to access your device?" See FDSSDP.
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A DAF sponsor is a public charity, so the burdensome private foundation rules do not apply.
The one that bound to DAF hit pay dirt because DAF seems to take it to the tight junction," he says.
"Mean Green will then purchase the oil recovered from the fat in DAF sludge and convert it into biodiesel fuel."
The DAF technique has been used successfully to determine the phylogenetic relationships among bermudagrass species (Assefa et al., 1999), provide information on the origin of off-type bermudagrass cultivars (Caetano-Anolles, 1998b), and determine the fidelity of bermudagrass commercially sold as 'U-3' (Anderson et al., 2001), a cultivar originally developed in the early 1930s.
Un o'r llefydd mwyaf diddorol i Daf a Steff ymweld ag e oedd y 'Pale Hall', sef hen dy crand, hanesyddol a fu croesawi'r Frenhines Victoria a Winston Churchill drwy ei drysau.
OFAC said PACCAR could have received a base penalty amount of $2.7 million for the alleged violations, but the agency considered a number of mitigating factors in the case, including that PACCAR disclosed the violations and DAF, upon learning of three dealers' activities, launched an investigation, fired the responsible employees and since 2015 mandated in-person and annual compliance training for its headquarters and subsidiary staff.
Greenhouse, which was founded in 1912, has eight sites across the West Midlands and Mid Wales including DAF dealerships in Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Telford and Willenhall.
The inauguration was attended by local DAF officials led by Benedict Allen Go, president and CEO of Pioneer Truck Parts and Equipment; and DAF Trucks Netherlands, led by Geert van Genugten, regional sales director for Asia.
The Salvation Army is grateful for DAF contributions, said Jeff Hesseltine, director of gift planning for the not-for-profit's western territory.
On the account, DAF playing an important role, which are liable to be appreciate and follow.
Most CPAs practicing in the not-for-profit sector understand what a donor advised fund (DAF) is and how it is used to benefit both donors, as well as to enable philanthropic giving to qualified charities as its beneficiaries.
And now his appearance on the small screen has landed Dafydd "Daf " Jones a job.