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peak: see TaishanTaishan
or Tai
, peak, 5,069 ft (1,545 m) high, W Shandong prov., E China. Located in the homeland of Confucius, it is China's most sacred mountain. In ancient times it was believed that Taishan controlled the earthly fate of humanity.
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, China.


(tī), lake, c.1,300 sq mi (3,370 sq km), on the border between Jiangsu prov. and Zhejiang prov., E China; second largest freshwater lake in China. Dotted with islands, it is one of China's most scenic areas and was long a tourist attraction, but sightseeing has diminished due to pollution from WuxiWuxi
or Wusih
, city (1994 est. pop. 863,100), S Jiangsu prov., China, on the Grand Canal and the north bank of Tai lake. It is a silk-producing center. Foods (especially grains) are processed, and machine tools, paper products, fertilizer, and motor vehicles are also
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's industries. The lake basin is one of the richest agricultural regions in China; rice, wheat, and cotton are grown. The lake is linked to the Grand CanalGrand Canal,
Chinese Da Yunhe [large transit river], longest in the world, extending c.1,000 mi (1,600 km) from Beijing to Hangzhou, E China, and forming an important north-south waterway on the North China Plain. The canal was started in the 6th cent. B.C.
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Abbrev. (French) for International Atomic Time.



(or Yünnan Tai), a people in the People’s Republic of China, living in Yunnan Province, mainly in the autonomous region of Hsishuangpanna and the Tehung autonomous region of the Tai and Chingp’o. There are 700,000 Tai (1973, estimate). The Tai are closely related to peoples of the Thai group. Their language is one of the Tai languages, and the written language is based on the ancient Indian writing system. Anthropologically, the Tai belong to the southern Mongoloid group. Their religion is Buddhism, and their main occupation is plow farming.


Narody Vostochnoi Azii. Moscow-Leningrad, 1965.
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At 4 and 8 DAI, Kenstar was penetrated by more J2 than either FLMR6 or RBC, suggesting less primary infection in the resistant lines and possible pre-infectional resistance.
Pam3CSK4 (InvivoGen, San Diego, CA, USA) was dissolved in sterile endotoxin-free water (vehicle) with the final concentration of 1 mg/ml and injected intravenously by cauda vein for 3 successive days after DAI. To determine the optimum concentrations of Pam3CSK4, rats were assigned to the following groups: DAI 3 d + vehicle group (6 rats); DAI 3 d + Pam3CSK4 (0.5 mg/kg) group (6 rats); DAI 3 d + Pam3CSK4 (1 mg/kg) group (12 rats); DAI 3 d + Pam3CSK4 (2 mg/kg) group (6 rats).
The wife of shu dai zi must be in her late twenties, but a few brief wrinkles are already beginning to sprout up around her eyelids.
Gross said in a sworn statement filed in March that DAI held secret meetings without him and refused to tell him what other subcontractors were working on the company's Cuba project.
AISLE MARRY YOU: Dai Rees proposes to Nicola Blower on Valentine's Day at same spot where they first met
Dai also had a significant role, leading his crew during an attack on Bastion Attack September, and has been awarded a certificate of commendation from the commander of the army base.
Loyal Sian Davis says Dai's has been an "unbelievable" rise from burger bar worker to Olympics finalist.
Fe fydd Nia Roberts, Shn Cothi, Ifan Jones Evans, Daloni Metcalfe ac Edward Tudor Jones yn ymuno Dai i gyflwyno'r rhaglenni.
The roof on Dai's school fell on him and buried him and his 52 classmates under tones of rubbles.26 of his classmates survived in that quake.
Hong's commission was tasked with reviewing Dai's appeal of a decision in 2009, where a synod commission found Dai guilty of conduct unbecoming of a minster, and deposed him, stripping him of his status as a minister of word and sacrament in the Presbyterian Church.
OSCAR WHISKY, who runs at Cheltenham today and is one of our most exciting horses, is the first we've trained for Dai Walters, known primarily as the founder and energetic driving force behind Ffos Las racecourse.