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1 In the Bible, son of Jacob and Bilhah and eponymous ancestor of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Their allotment in SW Palestine was the least extensive. The hostility of the Amorites living there prompted the Danites to migrate north where they established themselves. The Book of Judges may indicate that the Danites were originally part of the Sea PeoplesSea Peoples,
modern term for any of the groups of people who attacked Egypt and the E Mediterranean by sea and sometimes by land c.1200 B.C. They are recorded as having fought in battles with Egypt during the dynasties of Ramses II, when some also served as mercenaries in his
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. They shared the lot of the northern Hebrews at the hands of the Assyrians in the 8th cent. B.C. 2 City, northernmost landmark of ancient Palestine, hence the expression "from Dan to BeershebaBeersheba
[Heb.,=seven wells or well of the oath], city (1994 pop. 147,900), S Israel, principal city of the Negev Desert. It is the trade center for surrounding settlements and for Bedouins, who hold a weekly market in Beersheba. Construction is the city's main industry.
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." It is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. Its original name was Laish or Leshem; it was renamed by the conquering Danites.


a small buoy used as a marker at sea


2 Martial Arts
1. any one of the 10 black-belt grades of proficiency
2. a competitor entitled to dan grading


Old Testament
a. the fourth son of Jacob (Genesis 30:1--6)
b. the tribe descended from him
2. a city in the northern territory of Canaan
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