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The correlation between both DAPP versions with the SCL-90-R scales was similar and in some cases the DAPP-90 obtained a lower correlation.
Aos cinco DAPP, nos tratamentos com azadiractina, foi observado um incremento significativo na mortalidade quando comparado com os valores obtidos na primeira avaliacao, resultando numa mortalidade entre 66,7% e 69%, sem haver diferenca significativa entre as concentracoes de azadiractina avaliadas.
If you like to learn more about DAPP pr to find out if DAPP works in your area, contact 061 258220 or e-mail: dappnamibia@iway.
The goal of the study was to evaluate the effects of consumption of DAPP on joint function and ROM.
DAPP is a unique initiative in that it fuses together aspects of modernity and tradition of Dubai.
Bpex is advocating a three-point plan to improve pig farmers' situations, starting with an increase in the DAPP, support for English high welfare pig meat production and co-operation throughout the supply chain.
The Coinvest DAPP and smart contracts keep track of all investment data including assets, distributions, etc.