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death by tweakage

The degradation of software that has received too many changes, very often applied at the last minute before its official release. Death by tweakage also applies to writing an article of any kind. Too many corrections can weaken the original prose. See tweak.
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dry-bulb temperature

The air temperature indicated by a dry-bulb thermometer after correction for the effects of radiation.
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Conant, M.D., from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues developed a deep learning AI system to identify suspicious soft-tissue and calcified lesions in DBT images.
"We urge the MHS to add DBT coverage for TRICARE beneficiaries - as a more efficient method of screening, it will save lives and taxpayer dollars by detecting breast cancer at an earlier, less costly stage with a higher overall chance of survival," the lawmakers write in a letter to Thomas McCaffery, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs who oversees TRICARE.
Recent studies have demonstrated that screening mammography utilizing DBT with FFDM has resulted in decreased recall rates and increased invasive cancer detection compared to conventional digital screening mammography.
DBT, developed by Marsha Linehan, PhD, as a team-based intervention for chronically suicidal patients with borderline personality disorder, is aimed at getting patients to focus on changing their behaviors so that they are able to meet their long-term goals.
2.00: M Hamilton (Pow) & E Blount (DG); Crook (Dbt) & E Fallon (Dbt); S Niven (Dbt) & I Shuttleworth (Dbt).
In vivo studies have shown that adult exposure to relatively high doses (6 mg/kg) of DBT led to acute pancreatitis and pancreatic fibrosis in rodents (Merkord et al.
DBT is associated with fewer false positive exams in the screening setting, but there is limited research on the impact of DBT on false positive exams in the diagnostic setting.
In addition to making visible tumors that otherwise might be obscured by the overlay of dense breast tissue, DBT can help reduce the recall rate, with the 3D images providing immediate clarification at the initial appointment.
Preventive Services Task Force concluded that the current evidence was insufficient to assess whether adjunctive screening for breast cancer using breast ultrasonography, MRI, DBT, or other methods should be used in women with dense breasts.
Although the study is ongoing, the reports submitted so far to the food ministry and government think tank Niti Aayog point to the need for serious introspection of the DBT plan.
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) is a new tool that can be expected to partially obviate this problem by reducing or eliminating tissue overlap.