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(Digital Video Broadcasting) An international digital TV standard that is the European and Far Eastern counterpart of the North American ATSC standard. Administered by the DVB Project within the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the first DVB programs were broadcast in the U.K. in 1998, while many other countries followed in the 2000s. See ATSC.

DVB uses MPEG-2 for video compression and MPEG-2 and Dolby Digital for audio. It is transmitted in a 6 to 8 MHz channel via traditional terrestrial broadcast (DVB-T), satellite (DVB-S) and cable (DVB-C). A version for handhelds (DVB-H) is also provided (see mobile TV), and a Java-based platform is part of the DVB Project (see DVB-MHP). For more information, visit www.dvb.org.
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The TBV is the heritable effect of an individual on trait values in the population, which is the sum of the individuals DBV (([a.sub.D,i])) of its own phenotype and the SBV (([a.sub.S,]i)) of the phenotypes of its n-1 group mates.
We've said all along that the procedure involved is far too bureaucratic and time-consuming," said DBV spokesman Axel Finkenwirth.
Global Banking News-October 28, 2014--Citi names depositary bank for DBV Technologies' ADR programme
Other countries have had similar issues with Russia -- the amount of pork meat exported from Germany to Russia from January to May 2013 was 83,000 tons, but fell to 9,000 tons a year later amid sanitary import restrictions, according to Germany's farmer lobby group DBV.
These approaches focus either on residual stress-strain ([[sigma].sub.fr]-[epsilon]) (RILEM 2003; Dupont 2003) or on residual stress-crack opening width ([[sigma].sub.fr]-w) relationships (DBV 2001; RILEM 2002a; DafStb 2010).
("Doubleview") ("the Company") (TSX-V: DBV) (CVE:DBV) announces preliminary assay results from the recently completed program of diamond drilling on the 3561 hectare Hat Property located near Sheslay in the Stikine Mining District of northwest British Columbia.
and DBV Technologies have entered an R&D agreement for the treatment of birch allergy.
Despite the impressive harvest, the German Farmers' Association (DBV) has warned that heavy rain just before harvesting began could negatively impact wheat protein levels and fruit and hop crops.
2 Juliane Schenk did not participate in the recent World Championships because of a fallout with the German Badminton Association ( DBV), a new precedent was set.
dbv ba It then takes in a picnic and a brass band, as well as giving Dan a chance to show exactly what a best man is for, before the b couple tie the knot - quite literally in this case.
French firm DBV Technologies is trialling a sticker that seeps tiny amounts of peanut protein on to the skin.
The International Green Week Berlin 2013 is organized by Messe Berlin GmbH and its non-commercial sponsors are the German Farmers' Union (DBV) and the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE).