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NHF Colorado engaged DBW to provide strategic marketing counsel and implementation services for the effort.
In fact, we look at the DBW as a DNM during which the biped robot is the object manipulated by the ground as a zero DOF manipulator.
During 22 y of field study on species 18, only four field matings have been observed (Weissman 2001b, DBW pers.
The DBW is not a well known device and it is not widely used because of inconsistent and unclear reporting of research results after its development.
Paul; G Kalstabakken, D Kuhns, Rosemount Police Dept; P Adams, K Dickinson, B Schroeder, J Springsted, K Wick, Dakota County Public Health Dept; D Fier-Tucker, C Hubbard, S Lee, H Neve, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; DBW Jones, Minnesota Dept of Health.
As can be seen from Tables 3 and 4, the DBW shows the clearest profile of a research-oriented journal mainly geared towards the academic establishment.
Its heavy-duty truck heater line includes the Air Top 2000 and Air Top 3500 forced air heaters, the TSL 17 Thermo 90 S and DBW 2010 coolant heaters, as well as the Tandem 717 combination air and coolant heater.
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The DBW system gives each customer site its own dedicated UDS V.