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An interactive DBMS, originally from Ashton-Tate Corporation, and the language used by it.

dBASE evolved from Vulcan by Wayne Ratliffe, which came out in around 1980 and ran on CP/M. It was called dBaseII when sold to Ashton-Tate Corporation.

The first release was dBASE II, ca 1980. There never was a "dBASE I". Later versions included: dBASE III, dBASE III+, and dBASE IV.

Ashton-Tate was taken over in the early 1990s by what became Borland Software Corporation who sold dBase in March(?) 1999 to the newly formed dBase Inc. dBase Inc's first release was Visual dBASE 5.7, a Y2K upgrade to Visual dBASE 5.x.

Current version, as of 2003-11-24: dBASE PLUS 2.0x build 1703.

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Lo anterior a raiz de que los productos que ofrece Embarcadero son altamente tecnicos y es necesario saber con quien se dara la relacion, "ademas, ofrecemos herramientas que dan un valor agregado a las bases de datos de Oracle, dBase II, SQL Server de Microsoft y estamos entrando muy fuerte con las bases de datos gratuitas como: MySQL en la parte tecnica", comento Gutierrez.
They ran VisiCalc, dBASE II, and a strange word processor from Australia called "Zardax." They were, of course, stand-alone units, and were not networked together, except via 5 1/4-inch floppies and sneakernet.
Having experience with dBase II, I knew the [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] DOS-based dBase III+ (Borland International, Scotts Valley, Calif.) would provide the platform we required.
And Kahn bounced back, naming the operating system on which DBase II was written (Question 14).
WordStar Version 3.3 ran without a hitch at both speeds, as did dBASE II. We also ran a few programs written in GW-BASIC, although it is not a part of the package, and had no problems.
One way to solve this problem is by designing a custom file-transfer program that can be integrated with individual PC application programs (for example, Lotus 1-2-3 or dBase II).
DBase was followed by DBase II was followed by DBase III, DBase III Plus, and now DBase IV.
The data management software used to build and manipulate the files is dBase II. A separate series of dBase command files, not accessible remotely, lets the coordinator of the interlaboratory specimen exchange system edit the data base, perform appropriate calculations, and print daily and monthly summaries.
The first popular microcomputing database program was DBASE II. It began life on CP/M computers, and required climbing a steep learning curve to be used effectively.
There are many references to dBASE II and WorldStar, which were both state-of-the-art back when the book was published, but it still contains some good information for users looking for solid background about their PCs.
But back in the ancient days of CP/M, dBASE II was a cut above the competition.
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