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An interactive DBMS, originally from Ashton-Tate Corporation, and the language used by it.

dBASE evolved from Vulcan by Wayne Ratliffe, which came out in around 1980 and ran on CP/M. It was called dBaseII when sold to Ashton-Tate Corporation.

The first release was dBASE II, ca 1980. There never was a "dBASE I". Later versions included: dBASE III, dBASE III+, and dBASE IV.

Ashton-Tate was taken over in the early 1990s by what became Borland Software Corporation who sold dBase in March(?) 1999 to the newly formed dBase Inc. dBase Inc's first release was Visual dBASE 5.7, a Y2K upgrade to Visual dBASE 5.x.

Current version, as of 2003-11-24: dBASE PLUS 2.0x build 1703.

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In just two and a half years, industry support for dBASE melted away and its top developers deserted it, leaving remaining customers fuming when the long-overdue dBASE IV product appeared - an "abortion in a box", according to one.
Unlike competing titles, it allows users to view and edit memo fields in dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, VFP and DB2K files.
The data is automatically collected by a DBASE IV relational database which Ventilex has developed using Lotus's Approach software.
BeyondGeo handles traditional dBASE IV and Excel files and supports most mapping files in their native format, such as ESRI's ArcView, MapInfo, AutoCAD, MrSID, ECW, and others.
Included in the software is a dBase IV and SQL compatible tool library.
Conversion personnel entered information directly into the dBASE IV system rather than transferring information from the records to a manual form and then entering the information into a digital format.
The outcome was the development of a user-friendly bridge management system based on dBase IV, Version 1.
Famous Scorpios: Turbo Pascal, dbase IV, LAN Server 2.
It can be modified to work whenever dBase IV (Borland International Inc.
You plan to use Lotus to calculate some percentage changes, Allways to do a pretty graph, WordPerfect to do a form letter, and dBase IV to run the mailing labels and provide the mailmerge data.
Typically, the formulation and rubber recipe data is managed using off-the-shelf software, database management programs like dBASE III+ and dBASE IV and financial spread sheet programs Lotus 123 and Microsoft Excel.
She has gradually expanded the Institute's library so that currently, the offerings also include dBase IV, Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.