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DC1 Nedzweckas is NAVSUP FLC Yokosuka Site Sasebo's Command Career Counselor, advancement training and combined federal campaign coordinator.
When car registration became compulsory at the turn of the 20th century, he owned DC1, a Locomobile.
DC1 data centre achieved a BREEAM "Excellent" status upon practical completion last year, and the entire scheme will provide 110,460sq ft of net technical space across 12 separate halls - each of which will be independently serviced with its own plant.
We have been working closely with CoreSite to ensure that our presence at DC1 provides our customers with the most diverse and optimal interconnectivity options possible," said Christopher Morris, president and chief operations officer, 24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network.
Highbridge's first data centre - DC1 - was completed last year and incorporates 45,875sqft on the site of the former Siemens and Atmel plants.
Guy Marsden, of Highbridge Properties, said: "We have a long-term commitment to investing in the North East of England and are delighted to have completed DC1 well ahead of schedule.
Because the control electronics are located directly behind the display, the DC1 employs conductive cooling between the electronics and the display, eliminating the need for a cooling fan.
Animal studies have shown that the specificity of the monoclonal antibody component of ImmunoGen's TAPs results in the delivery of DC1 to tumor cells, sparing healthy tissue.
supplies and services, a description of the technical facilities and measures used by the economic operator to ensure quality and means of study and research facilities; - Form DC1, Letter of application - Empowerment agent of its co-contractors (available at the following address: http://www.
DC1 and DM1 both are powerful tumor-cell-killing agents, nearly one thousand times more potent than conventional chemotherapeutics.
The delivery and services provided shall be given by the recipient certificates or, failing that, by a declaration by the economic operator; - Form DC1, Letter of application - Empowerment agent of its co-contractors (available at the following address: http://www.
Food and Drug Administration already has allowed ImmunoGen to proceed with human testing of a related product, using a nonhumanized, mouse-derived monoclonal antibody linked to DC1.