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Therefore, to overcome the problem of premature crosslinking of DCP, a nitroxide TEMPO was added with DCP to increase the scorch safety by scavenging the peroxide radical.
Tallgrass is jointly developing the pipeline with Western Gas Partners, LP (NYSE: WES) and DCP, who both hold an option to invest in Cheyenne Connector at a later date.
DCP Kushwaha said that he was in touch with many people in India, where the police have identified a few of them, through him, but added that they are working on it.
10 January 2017 - US-based DCP Midstream, LLC, a 50/50 joint venture between Phillips 66 and Spectra Energy, and US-based midstream MLP DCP Midstream Partners, LP (NYSE: DPM) have signed and closed a transaction combining all of the assets and debt of Midstream with DPM, creating the largest natural gas liquids producer and gas processor in the United States, the companies said.
The Minister said that with a view to encouraging adoption of DCP system, FCI has organized workshops in non DCP/partially DCP states to highlight the advantages of DCP mode.
5 billion in cash, which is expected to be used to pay down a portion of the DCP Midstream revolving credit facility.
That was the first year the DCP curriculum was modified to allow students to pursue a dual degree.
To investigate the association between the likelihood of DCP concentrations being above the 95th percentile and type of housing, we first conducted weighted logistic regressions using type of housing (single-unit house, apartment, mobile home/dormitory, attached home) as the independent variable and a dichotomous variable to indicate whether the DCP concentration was above or below the 95th percentile as the dependent variable.
26 June 2012 -- Citigroup (NYSE:C) served as exclusive placement agent for a private sale of common units by DCP Midstream Partners LP (NYSE:DPM), the US midstream master limited partnership said on Monday.
The DCP construct dates back to 2003 as a concept in the Objective Force Initiatives for higher-echelon headquarters staffs configuring for contingency operations.
The company has financed the transaction by issuing partnership units to DCP Midstream.
DCP Midstream has launched its new identity, coincident with Duke Energy's legal separation of its power and gas businesses, the company announced yesterday.