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For DDR-SDRAM memories, this is always done inside the master (memory controller) by using a DLL delay circuit on-chip.
To ensure compatibility with all the latest high-speed memory technologies, the configuration process is tightly integrated with Denali's database of memory component specifications, including all the latest SDRAM, DDR1-SDRAM, DDR2-SDRAM, and Mobile DDR-SDRAM devices from all major memory vendors.
This enables devices with low-cost wirebond packages while maintaining adequate headroom over the memory industry's highest DDR-SDRAM speeds.
Acer 5278-1524 Mexico, DF eSpecificaciones: * Memoria DDR-SDRAM * Procesador Intel Pentium 4 * Conectores para microfono y audifonos en panel frontal y dos puertos USB 2 * Ethernet integrado en Motherboard * Soporte para anadir tarjetas aceleradores de graficos AGP 4x * Se puede elegir el monitor de diversos tamanos en LCD o CRT [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
Infineon Technologies AG (formerly Siemens' semiconductor arm) which is involved in both Intel's hastily assembled Forum and VIA's DDR-SDRAM efforts, expects that the SDRAM chips will offer significant performance benefits for servers, including faster initial access rates.
The memory bandwidth supports up to one GB of DDR-SDRAM technology.
The model is available with Intel Pentium 4 or Celeron processors, Windows XP or 2000, up to 2GB of DDR-SDRAM system memory and six integrated USB 2.0 ports, as well as integrated gigabit Ethernet and an optional TrueMobile 1180 802.11b wireless networking module, which connects via USB.
The two ViXS chips incorporate a 64bit memory interface to DDR-SDRAM. The Databahn memory controller is configured for 166MHz operation (333MHz data transfers), provides ECC (Error Correction Code), and supports various memory device configurations of up to a total of 256MB.
Samsung Corp says that it is ahead of the rest of the memory chip industry with the launch of the first 1Gb Double Data Rate Synchronous DRAM (DDR-SDRAM).