DEC Alpha

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DEC Alpha

A RISC microprocessor from DEC. In November 1995, the Alpha was purportedly the fastest non-research chip used in commonly available workstations. It is superpipelined and superscalar. In February 1996 it was clocked at 200 MHz and in March 1998 at 666 MHz.
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(1) See WolframAlpha.

(2) A family of RISC-based, 64-bit CPUs and computer systems from HP. Originally developed by Digital, which was acquired by Compaq and then HP, the first model introduced in early 1992 was the 150 MHz 21064-AA, considered equivalent to a Cray-1 on a single chip. Subsequent Alpha models continued to blaze the trails for high-speed microprocessors. Alpha-based servers (AlphaServers) run under Tru64 Unix and OpenVMS. In the mid-1990s, Windows NT was ported to the Alpha platform, but support was later dropped.

Alpha Went to Intel
In 2001, Compaq sold all Alpha intellectual property to Intel and announced it would switch its high-end servers to Intel's Itanium processors by 2004. HP acquired Compaq in 2002 and introduced enhanced AlphaServers. Orders were accepted for the new machines until April 2007, and support and service were promised until 2012.

Alpha Models
Shown here are a number of Alpha servers from low to high end. The Alpha chips are always pushing the envelope in performance and architecture. (Image courtesy of Compaq Computer Corporation.)
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To study the influence of cache parameters, we ran the Perfect Club suite on a Dec Alpha with an 8KB, 32-byte block, direct-mapped cache, and we compare the results with a 32KB, 32-byte block, two-way set-associative cache.
Both facilities were on a system operating on DEC Alpha equipment.
After last summer's June DEC-merger reorganization, Rose got the added responsibilities of managing the Tandem server line (which up to that point was still a separate division) as well as the DEC Alpha Unix and VMS server and workstation lines and their associated storage products.
Cybex offers solutions for PC and Macintosh platforms and most Sun, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, RS/6000 and DEC Alpha workstations.
The 96-model study "would have taken three months on the DEC Alpha workstation I had been using," Gross says.