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(Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) A worldwide cordless phone standard that originated in Europe. The first DECT standards were introduced by ETSI in 1992, and the member-supported DECT Forum cultivates the DECT technology ( DECT is not only used for cordless home phones but as wireless extensions to an office PBX where users are handed off to different base stations as they move throughout a building.

Depending on the country, DECT operates in different segments of the spectrum from 1.8 to 1.9 GHz, and phones purchased on one continent may not interoperate with DECT phones on another.

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Interference
DECT cordless phones do not interfere with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless devices that use unlicensed industrial bands (see ISM band), which is why DECT vendors boast "interference free" products. Handling up to 12 simultaneous calls, DECT transmits in 32 Kbps TDMA channels. Using dual-mode handsets, DECT phones can switch to cellular or VoIP operation (see CAT-iq). For more information, visit and See ULE and multihandset cordless.

DECT 6.0 - Marketing, Not Spectrum
DECT 6.0 operates in the 1.8-1.9 GHz frequency band, while competing cordless phones use the higher 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands. The 6.0 is merely a brand for marketing purposes.

This base station uses the same DECT air interface for up to eight handsets. However, the base station connects to the Internet instead of an analog phone line. See IP phone and VoIP.
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Two radiologists, each with more than 5 years of experience in interpreting chest CT images, independently evaluated the SECT and DECT images of the chest on the same screens blinded to the technique used.
Since materials have unique attenuation profiles at different energy levels according to their linear attenuation coefficient, DECT can utilize mathematical algorithms to examine tissues when exposed to both low and high-energy polychromatic X-ray beams.
-- The robust industrial grade 8262 DECT handset with a ruggedized body and shock-proof screen is ideal for harsh environments, such as construction, manufacturing, and the oil and gas industry.
On follow-up, the patient was very satisfied with her new implants and very grateful for the DECT for identifying the coronary calcifications.
The CRA warned that "Some DECT wireless devices, including cordless phones, wireless headsets and microphones operating on DECT 6.0 are in violation of the standards and specifications approved by the CRA."
This recent barring of DECT Cordless phone is also an event of same series of ensuring transparency and improved telecom services to give consumers reliable telecommunication experience".
Tsujigami Shimpei, general manager, consumer marketing division, Panasonic Marketing Middle East and Africa (PMMAF), said: "With over 15 years of experience in the DECT market and even longer in the audio market, Panasonic boasts the know-how when it comes to superior sound quality.
Lantiq,Munich, Germany, a leading supplier of broadband access and home networking technologies, has announced that the company's XWAY and COSIC product families will power the industry's first home gateway certified by the DECT Forum as compliant with the CAT-iq 2.0 profile.
DSP Group has been deeply involved in all stages of defining the next-generation cordless technology through its affiliation with the DECT Forum and Home Gateway Inititative, as well as its integral contribution to the creation of corresponding ETSI specifications and support of CableLabs' specification activities.
Woburn, MA, February 08, 2011 --( snom technology, a leading developer of IP desktop phones and IP communications software for the enterprise and small and medium sized business markets, has taken office mobility a step forward with the launch of the snom m9 DECT phone, a full-function mobile handset for seamless, business-class VoIP.
In the significantly growing DECT market of Middle East & Africa (MEA), Gigaset has become the leader for premium home and office telecommunications equipment in the region last year.
The company yesterday unveiled what it claims is the world's smallest and slimmest Eco Dect cordless phone -- SL400A -- in the local market.