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Altered phosphorylation of Bacillus subtilis DegU caused by single amino acid changes in DegS.
degus was more difficult; although there was evidence for indirect effects from degu burrowing and runway-making activities as well as shrub-ephemeral plant interactions, evidence of direct herbivory effects was less obvious.
In the degu, AQP1 is expressed throughout the subepithelial vascular network, but it has not been detected in olfactory or non-olfactory epithelial cells (Gallardo et al., 2008).
For those who don't know, degus are hamster-like creatures, but they live longer.
COULD you offer a home to Dougie the degu? The unusual resident at the RSPCA's Great Ayton rehoming centre was picked up as a stray in Bishop Auckland and the furry chap is hoping to find a loving new home.
Both in our coastal area and pre-Andean areas, Harris' hawks preyed mainly upon fence degu rats (Octodon degus; 184 g), Bennett's chinchilla rat (Abrocoma bennetti; 219 g) and European rabbits (1,300 g).
If diam(G) = 2 then for any u [member of] V(G) with degu = A, N[u] is a wcd set.
Surprisingly, distinct, larger bands have been detected in the nutria and degu using intra-ID PCR.
A few of these species include the degu, chinchilla, and guinea pig.
Murray blundered by letting Elyaniv Barda get behind him to set up Baruch Degu in the 2-1 defeat last midweek.
But Baruch Degu ensured the win for the Israelis when he grabbed the winner with 15 minutes to go n Newcastle United skipper Scott Parker has pulled out of the squad for tonight's clash with Zulte Waregem in Belgium with a tight hamstring.