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A DEK spokeswoman insisted her company has not made a final decision regarding the retirement of Miami Fort 6, although she allowed, "our purchase of Dayton Power & Light's ownership of East Bent Unit 2 will replace any capacity that may be lost in the event Miami Fort 6 is retired.
As of July 2, DEK officially became ASM's Printing Solutions Division--the DEK brand remains in place--and in the third week of August, ASM held a global press event to celebrate, including facility tours at Siemens Electronic Works in Amberg, Germany, and at Siplace's headquarters in Munich.
Methodology: DEK protein in 178 samples of HCC was evaluated by immunohistochemical method.
As a result, we do not expect extra dividends from either Eastern RAO or DEK.
In a press release, DEK said its France staff would continue to support customers and provide tactical support.
DEK had net profits of $54 million on sales of $283 million in 2011, but plunged to $19.
And how do you stay focused on driving growth at DEK while getting up to speed on these other, somewhat diverse companies?
Dubai's Media One Hotel has appointed Stephen Mannin as manager of THE DEK on 8.
These elements included DEK-manufactured ultra-fine mesh screens, both traditional and optimized DuPont MCM silver metallization pastes and DEK electroformed nickel stencils.