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The discharge of flood water from India will result in rising water-level in River Chenab and flooding in local nullahs including nullah Dek, Palkhu and other local drains.
The detention warrant issued on Thursday by investigating judge Pich Maren said: 'This person shall be placed under supervision on a charge of illegal use of drugs - committed in room 7777 of Mey Mey BBQ and KTV, in Ka'am Samnor Krom village, Ka'am Samnor commune, Loeuk Dek district, Kandal province on June 16, 2019, in violation of Article 45, paragraph 2 of the Law on Drug Control.'
DEK, a subsidiary of Charlotte, North Carolina-based Duke Energy Corp., told Kentucky regulators its East Bend No.
Michele is developing new concepts to suit the new The Dek on 8 and ON42."
As of July 2, DEK officially became ASM's Printing Solutions Division--the DEK brand remains in place--and in the third week of August, ASM held a global press event to celebrate, including facility tours at Siemens Electronic Works in Amberg, Germany, and at Siplace's headquarters in Munich.
Methodology: DEK protein in 178 samples of HCC was evaluated by immunohistochemical method.
As a result, we do not expect extra dividends from either Eastern RAO or DEK. We also see the deal, if it happens, as neutral for FGC as, on the one hand, the new price is 32% lower than negotiated earlier, but on the other - the asset is valued at about $10250 per one km of lines compared to an average of $3900 for MRSKs.
From then on the club has grown and in 2010 they were national champions in the UK Dek Hockey Association Finals in Rotherham.
Open your eyes, because your virtual playground looks a whole lot like the Premier Boundary Waters 310 Sky Dek.
His most memorable sports moment was a dek hockey championship in Pennsylvania; his team won by scoring with 5 seconds left.
DEK (Rhys Ifans) proposes to his girlfriend Shirley (Shirley Henderson) on TV.
Dominated by males, the subcultures which I studied through participant observation or with which I came into regular contact during my fieldwork include dek board/skate (skateboarders), dek Vespa (Vespa scooter riders), dek B Boy (break-dancers), dek bike (BMX bike riders), dek punk (punks), and violent teenage gangs (kaeng wairun) (many of whom are labelled dek saep).