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What does it mean when you dream about dessert?

Our society is obsessed with food, especially with tasty, fattening food, making something as seemingly simple as dessert a rich source of symbolic associations. Desserts can represent enjoying the good things of life, indulgence, overindulgence, celebration, reward, and temptation. Because they are served at the end of the meal, they often indicate the final stage or the completion of a project.

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"I know Glinda," remarked Dorothy, eating for dessert a dish of charlotte russe, "and when I see her again, I'll ask her to put another King in your place."
According to the search engine giant, 'while dessert names were fun, they weren't always understood by everyone in the global community.' This problem led to Google ending a decade of dessert names for its mobile operating system.
Curious to know about market share of key-players/volumes/revenues Dessert Wine Market further segmented by type, application and important regions.
Muniba Javed is the founder of Dessert Directory, a luxury dessert bar as she likes to call it.
The hole I had made on top of the cupcakes I will hide while decorating it with mango icing,' said Shaista Imran, a young chef in training at the College of Tourism and Hotel Management (COTHM), the organisers of the 'Mangofiecient', a festival of mango desserts which opened in the food court of a mall here on Wednesday.
Over 2,500 dessert lovers attended this year's event.
Although ice cream is a dessert that can be served independently, it is also used as an accompaniment to cake, brownies, cookies, apple pie and other desserts.
We were lucky enough to get to try the best of them all, Super Scoop's Coffee Cashew Crumble, which bested every contender and was hailed as PETA's Best Vegan Dessert. For Carmela Cancio-Go of Super Scoops, what started as a passion project grew more into an opportunity to expose her special dessert.She also said that they're bringing more into the table, solidifying their position on their technical business as well.
According to a recent study, if you are going to choose dessert first, then the high-calorie option might lead to a healthier meal.
In a series of Instagram stories, Filipino-Canadian actress and model Shay shared how she and co-star Penn, enjoyed the Manila Peninsula's famous oversized halo-halocalled "Halo-Halo Harana." This classic Filipino dessert was given a twist by this five-star hotel.
The 'Melt in the Middle' desserts are available in Belgian Chocolate Chip and Salted Caramel (500g; MRSP: [pounds sterling]2.50 - [pounds sterling]3; serves six)