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-GM Linda Langley -Mgr./Sales & Customer Service Patricia Detol -Mgr./Claims Jeffrey Todd -Mgr./Claims Berkshire Hathaway (NE) 79 85 Hawaiian Cement Earl McCaskill Cement manufacturing; -PR, CEO ready-mix concrete; W.
The items included two boxes of chicken, two boxes of tinned tomatoes, two boxes of Geisha mackerel, one box of parazone, one box of Detol (detergent), three bags of tom brown, ten packets of adults diapers, one box of Nana (baby food), two boxes of Num milk, and two boxes of Milo.
Supply of chemicals to produce detergents including sodium hypochlorite & concentrated detol of commercial grade.
Dayton -GM 70.7 61.4 145 Linda Langley -Mgr./Sales & Customer 15.1% Service Patricia Detol Mgr./Claims Jeffrey Todd -Mgr./Claims 106 Kenneth M.