DF steer

DF (direction finder) guidance

The guidance given to aircraft in distress or to other aircraft that request the service. Headings are provided to aircraft by facilities equipped with DF (direction-finding) equipment. These headings, if followed, will lead the aircraft to a predetermined point such as the radio direction-finding station or an airport. Practice DF guidance is provided when workload permits. Also called DF steer.
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That's progress, we suppose, but we'd also wager an FAA bean counter would write a large check if they ever needed a DF steer.
In fiscal year 2006, the FAA decommissioned all direction-finding installations outside Alaska as a cost-saving measure, after finding there were fewer than five for-real requests for DF steers over a three-year period.
5 gave a count for a DF steer from the planes ahead, which he could no longer see.