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59)) Studies using DGL inhibitors (20)), (47)), (57)), (62)), (63)) and DGL[alpha]-KO mice (49)) support the involvement of DGL[alpha] in [G.
In addition to identification strategies, my article differs from DGL in several important ways.
Given maturation and experience, the DGL becomes increasingly capable of fully parsing the input from the specific linguistic environment.
DGL are one of only a small number circuit board suppliers that target their product specifically to the gaming industry.
The populations OAK and GDL2 had 46 and 52 polymorphic bands, respectively, while the populations DGL and RSL had 61 polymorphic bands each (Table 1).
MNCs and their foreign affiliates; and DGL is the difference in market openness between the United States and its trading partners.
Pam Lusch, president of Denver-based DGL International, which is assisting the Russian government in assembling Post-Soviet Analytica, said they were impressed with what the Shea & Gould consortium had accomplished.
DL's ratings reflect the increased burden the DGL subordinated notes place on the operating assets and the loss of financial flexibility.
Also to be charged with rice smuggling in the DOJ are couple David and Judyline Lim, owners of DGL Commodities, DGL Trucks and D-Force Trucking, and Leah Echeveria of Mandaue City.
It has been assumed that the protective effect of DGL is due mainly to its capacity to increase the number of cells in the gastrointestinal lining that produce protective mucus.
DGL has been part of the Densitron Technologies group for around seven years but has only traded as a separate limited company for a year.
These supplements include DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) and hydrochloric acid (HCl).