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0 or Microsoft Windows Forms applications and moving them to a Web-based environment, saving deployment, remote access licenses and infrastructure costs, while at the same time adding flexibility by allowing the choice between DHTML, Silverlight or cloud-based user interfaces.
The Skyscraper advertisements have already been purchased by IBM, while the Scottish Tourist Board has chosen the new DHTML ads for a Loch Ness Monster which moves across a web page to reveal the advertisement.
The new upgrade provides two new graphics types to the existing categories which makes it possible to add cascading DHTML menus to navigation bars and also to import and edit photos.
An 'Oz' analogy can help users understand DHTML, DOM, and XSL
DHTML Utopia; modern web design using JavaScript & DOM.
The latest version of the popular QuarkXPress to HTML conversion and Web authoring software will feature DHTML (Dynamic HTML) positioning and include Extensis PhotoAnimator, a robust GIF animation tool.
0, a Web design tool that integrate, DHTML and Java Beans.