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(1) See data interchange format.

(2) (Data Interchange Format) A standard file format for spreadsheet and other data structured in row and column form. Originally developed for VisiCalc, DIF is now under Lotus' jurisdiction.

(3) (Display Information Facility) An IBM System/38 program that let users build custom programs for online access to data.

(4) (Document Interchange Format) A file standard developed by the U.S. Navy in 1982.

(5) (Dual In-line Flatpack) A type of surface mount DIP with pins extending horizontally outward.
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First, we identify gender DIF using two-and three-level binary (Bernoulli) logistic regression models for every item of the booklet.
The presence of acantholytic cells in the smear indicates but cannot confirm the diagnosis so it is not a specific test.4 DIF performed on the Tzanck smear indicating immunoglobulin deposits on the acantholytic cells makes it a specific, inexpensive and easy diagnostic test for the diagnosis of pemphigus vulgaris.4,7 ORS of anagen hair is structurally similar to epidermis of skin.
Los estudios sobre la posible existencia de dif en instrumentos comunmente empleados para la evaluacion de la personalidad son relativamente recientes y escasos (Borsboom, Mellenbergh & Van Heerden, 2002; Collins, Raju & Edwards, 2000; Ellis & Mead, 2000; Escorial & Navas, 2006, 2007; Gelin & Zumbo, 2003; Lange, Irwin, & Houran, 2000; Leo, Van Dam, Hobkirk & Earleywine, 2011; Reise, Smith, & Furr, 2001; Smith, 2002).
Diurnal temperature range (DIF) can be described as the difference between day and night temperatures (DT and NT) (Erwin et al., 1989).
Previous simulation studies have investigated some MIMIC model properties in DIF detection including the structure of data, the scale of response categories, DIF pattern, differences in mean, and variance of latent trait distribution [4, 9-17].
As discussed above, if standard analyses are used while ignoring the multilevel structure, variation due to the levels of the data structure could be combined, leading to incorrect parameter estimates and inflation standard errors; it may also result in increased likelihood of finding DIF when DIF is not present [2].
Finalmente, en el analisis de la muestra comun se exhibe el numero de estudiantes para los que DIF > 0, DIF=0 y DIF < 0 en ninguna, una, ..., nueve de las asignaturas en las que estan matriculados.
The DIF adequacy ratio is calculated using the adjusted DIF to estimated insured deposits or EID.
Canadian Solar is especially pleased to work with DIF, given DIF's dedication and experience with renewable energy projects on a global basis.'
However, some issues have been identified in the implementation of DIF methods in the CAT environment (Lei, Chen, & Yu, 2006; Nandakumar & Roussos, 2004; Zwick, 2010).
Entre los metodos para analizar el DIF, se cuentan aquellos que se derivan de la TCT, como el de Mantel-Haenszel, Regresion Logistica y Estandarizacion; entre los metodos que se apoyan en la TRI se encuentran, areas exactas con signos y areas exactas sin signo y el estadistico ji cuadrado ([ji al cuadrado]).