Kronecker Delta

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Kronecker delta

[′krō·nek·ər ‚del·tə]
The function or symbol δij dependent upon the subscripts i and j which are usually integers; its value is 1 if i = j and 0 if ij.

Kronecker Delta


a function δnm that is dependent on two integral arguments n and m and is defined by

An example of the use of the Kronecker symbol is

The Kronecker symbol was introduced by L. Kronecker in 1866.

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La optimizacion de la funcion delay consiste en minimizar la suma del producto de los tiempos de retraso o delay dij de cada enlace (i,j) por el valor asociado con la variable [].
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Vap es el vector formado por el cociente entre las distancias emisor i - receptor j (Dij), y sus tiempos de viaje Tij respectivos.
CUADRO 8: DISTANCIA Y CALIDAD INSTITUCIONAL Variables Variable dependiente: Ln ([X.sub.ij]), Panel (1996-2004) [1] [2] [3] Log [Y.sub.i] 0,888993 (a) 0,8978537 (a) 0,9615756 (a) [Y.sub.j] (0,0147902} (0.0143248) (0,0144133) Log [Ypc.sub.i] 0,6508367 (a) 0,6636229 (a) 0,3729214 (a) [Ypc.sub.j] (0.0215422) (0.0209077) (0,0267552) Ln Dij -0,9949162 (a) -0,9701694 (a) -0,9364246 (a) (0.0320587) (0.0310106) (0.0302315) [Frontera.sub.ij] 0,7690277 (a) 0,4693025 (b) 0,5724459 (a) (0.1422154) (0.1392611) (0,1351966) [Lang.sub.ij] 1,083253 (a) 1,09013 (a) (0.0825586) (0,0803078) [AIR.sub.ij] [Colonia.sub.ij] [Religion.sub.ij] Dlij -0,0144037 -0,0136662 (0.0084715) (0,0083661) [IQ.sub.i] 0,3141322 (a) (0,0278335) [IQ.sub.j] 0,4533511 (a) (0,0278296) Efectos Si Si Si aleatorios No.