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(1) (Data Instrumentation Systems) See DST.

(2) (Dis) A virtual machine. See Inferno.
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god of nether world; identified with Pluto. [Rom. Myth.: Leach, 315]
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Didn't I see which way the wind blew dis yer mornin'?
"I guess if I hadn't helped your bobservation dis mornin', yer wouldn't have seen your way so smart," said Andy.
I'll be boun' Missis'll give us an uncommon good bite, dis yer time."
"Yes, massa, him dead as de door-nail - done up for sartain - done departed dis here life."
Why dis berry curous sarcumstance, pon my word - dare's a great big nail in de skull, what fastens ob it on to de tree."
aint dis here my lef eye for sartain?" roared the terrified Jupiter, placing his hand upon his right organ of vision, and holding it there with a desperate pertinacity, as if in immediate dread of his master's attempt at a gouge.
"Twas dis eye, massa - de lef eye - jis as you tell me," and here it was his right eye that the negro indicated.
Ikinci bolumde, metodolojik ulusculugun UI ve dis politika calismalari alanlari icin anlami ve sonuclari uzerinde durulacaktir.
Clamer Medal in 1962; Gold Medal of the Gray and Ductile Iron Society "for his outstanding contribution to the foundry industry as a co-developer of ductile iron and for his devoted efforts to expand the usage in highly competitive markets" in 1964; 1965 DIS Annual Award "for his outstanding contribution to the industry and its technology," and the 1965 Modem Pioneers in Industry Award of the NAM for outstanding contribution to development and research for his work as co-discoverer of ductile iron.
DIS has begun the process of changing from a rule-driven to a mission-driven organization.
Addressing Ghanzi District Council recently, he said, the general perception that DIS encroached into other departments' responsibilities was off the mark, adding that collaboration was based on inter-agency cooperation.