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(Digital Living Network Alliance) Founded in 2003 as the Digital Home Working Group, the DLNA (www.dlna.org) sets guidelines for using the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) protocol to transfer and stream media between computers, mobile devices and home theater equipment. The DLNA also provides product certification for vendors. Content stored on a local network (IP, Ethernet and Wi-Fi) can be discovered and streamed to connected players. See Internet Protocol, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and UPnP.

Device                 CommonType  (M=mobile)       Examples
 DMS server        PC, NAS, media server,
 M-DMS             smartphone, iPod

 DMP player        TV, home theater
 M-DMP             smartphone, tablet

 DMC controller    PC, media server
 M-DMC             smartphone

 DMR renderer      TV, wireless speakers

 M-DMU uploader    smartphone, camera
 M-DMD downloader  iPod

 DMPr printer      networked printer

DLNA Alphabet Soup
A player (DMP/M-DMP) locates and "pulls" content from a server (DMS/M-DMS), whereas a renderer (DMR) receives "pushed" content directed by a controller (DMC/M-DMC).
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DLNA VidiPath adds secure content delivery for service providers, which gives consumers the full subscription viewing experience and user interface across all of their VidiPath Certified devices.
UPnP is the key protocol used in DLNA guidelines and makes the overall operation of DLNA possible.
Communication standards that have been certified by the DLNA Guidelines include IEEE 802.3 wired LAN (Ethernet) and IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).
The SDK includes comprehensive input and output multiplexing components for a tremendous breadth of industry formats, and it offers network streaming components with broadcast streaming capabilities for a wide range of server protocols -- including Adobe Flash Streaming and DLNA - enabling developers to create complete end-to-end entertainment solutions.
These remote devices act as DLNA servers from which the Sony Internet TV can access and display photos, videos and music.
NetFront Living Connect 2.0 is a DLNA technology component solution that permits Logiways' customers to deliver home-network DLNA connectivity to consumers.
Search All, a feature unique to Samsung Smart TVs, makes it easy to access and search for desired content on the web and other DLNA connected devices, networked PC and mobile devices, and Internet and video-on-demand services.
The TV also comes equipped with the DLNA feature, which stands for Digital Living Network Alliance - a set of rules that electronics' companies are all following in order for devices to 'talk' to each other.
DEFY is Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-enabled to stream, store and share content with compatible devices around the home like HDTVs, game consoles and PCs.
The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has seen a nearly 200 percent increase in the number of DLNA Certified[R] printers over the last year.
Broadcom's high-performance and advanced solution will power the playback of DivX Plus HD 1080p video in the MKV container on DTVs using the USB slot or streaming from the home network via Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) support.
Other key features of the handset include: 2.36-inch TFT with 262K colors display (320 x 240 pixels resolution), full QWERTY keyboard, 250 MB internal memory, microSD card slot (up to 32GB, 2GB included), GPRS and EDGE Class 32, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP & DLNA technology, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, Stereo FM radio with RDS, GPS with A-GPS support (OviMaps), 3.5mm audio jack.