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(1) (Digital Media Adapter) See digital media hub.

(2) (Document Management Alliance) A specification that provides a common interface for accessing and searching document databases. It provides interoperability between multivendor document management systems. DMA was released in 1998 by the DMA task group of the AIIM association. See AIIM.

(3) (Direct Memory Access) Transferring data between memory and peripheral devices or from memory to memory without going through the CPU. Although DMA technologies may periodically steal cycles from the CPU, data are transferred much faster than using the CPU to control every byte of transfer.

Old ISA buses used 8-bit and 16-bit DMA channels, while PCI can take control and access system memory directly. New Xeon chips call their DMA the I/O Acceleration Technology (IOACT), and ARM's DMA is part of its Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) for connecting system-on-chip components (see SOC).

DMA Disk Transfers
IDE disk drives can transfer data via DMA or the Programmed I/O mode.
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He succeeds former DMA Secretary Alan Cummings, who retired last month on grounds of ill health, and former chairman Joe Whitworth, who retired from his post earlier this year.
On the other side, the DMA is also preparing to organise a family gala at F-9 park Islamabad in coming month with the primary focus of the character building of youth.
Of course, the academicians and polymer researchers knew all about DMA. But they were not using it to better communicate engineering performance.
Additional Director Zafar Iqbal, who is presently posted as Emergency and Disaster Management director, has been given additional charge of DMA director on a temporary basis and till further orders.
The corrupt officials of DMA directorate have also given of sleeping reels and swings to their favorite and blue-eyed persons situated at picnic spot, Shakar Parian while there was no record available regarding the revenue.
This is the second property under the Radisson Blu flag in the DMA and will soon be followed by the Radisson Blu Resort Half Moon Bay that is scheduled to open in later this year.
No discussions between DMA and Ryan are ongoing, DMA said.
Xpander has been designed to significantly increase the number of tests performed by DMA instruments in various test modes, including compression, tension and shear.
In general, IOMMU provides address remapping and address translation for DMA transactions.
DMA permits brokerage companies to mandate a global broker to use its DMA access point to place buy and sell orders as some sort of electronic trading via the internet, allowing global brokers to directly trade on the market.
People showed satisfaction over the performance of DMA performance and appreciated their efforts.