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(1) See digital media server.

(2) (Document Management System) See document management.

(3) (Digital Media Server) A DLNA-certified computer or network attached storage device (NAS) that holds multimedia content. See DLNA.

(4) (Defense Messaging System) An X.500-compliant messaging system developed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. It is used by all the branches of the armed forces as well as federal agencies involved with security.

(5) (Desktop Management Suite) A collection of software administration and backup programs for Windows from Seagate Software.

(6) (Digital Multiplex System) A family of digital switches and gateways from Nortel Networks that is used in a telco central office. It includes the large local/toll exchange DMS-100/200 and small local exchange DMS-10, DMS-250 long distance switches.
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Welcoming DMS onto our platform solidifies our ethos to offer a flexible and transparent service with a range of specialist partners," said Ben Smith, head of product at Honeycomb.
Operating in seven jurisdictions, DMS is known for its pioneering role in institutional fund governance services and for the uncompromising performance of its directors who serve on the boards of hedge funds and a variety of related structures.
A letter written by GCMMF to the ministry on November 27, 2012 said, " To start with GCMMF can redesign/ renovate DMS parlours with DMS and Amul branding.
Normally, DMS exuded by coral algae is picked up by the wind and carried up into the atmosphere.
The experience DMS Imaging offers to facilities has proven to be a complete turnkey solution.
By encouraging cloud formation, Lovelock theorized, DMS might help keep the Earth's thermostat at a fairly constant temperature.
The authors speculate that species showing no preference for DMS may have detected the odor but not considered it a food cue.
Inside the plankton cells, DMS protects against the high salt concentrations of the outside seawater.