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(Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) A cable modem standard from the CableLabs research consortium (, which provides equipment certification for interoperability. DOCSIS supports IP traffic (Internet traffic) over digital cable TV channels, and current cable modems are DOCSIS compliant. In 2006, DOCSIS 3.0 added the capability of bonding from four to 32 upstream channels and from four to eight downstream. All bandwidth is shared among neighboring subscribers.

Originally formed by four major cable operators and managed by Multimedia Cable Network System, management of the project was later turned over to CableLabs. See cable modem, EuroDOCSIS, eDOCSIS, CMTS and S-CDMA.

DOCSIS                 SpeedVersion  Year     Down       Up

   1.0    1997   40 Mbps    10 Mbps
   1.1    2001   40 Mbps    10 Mbps
   2.0    2002   40 Mbps    30 Mbps
   3.0    2006   1.2 Gbps  200 Mbps
   3.1    2016   10 Gbps    10 Gbps

Down/Up Discrepancy
In order to prevent a residential customer from supplying content on a website to the general public or providing some other business data service, ISPs often keep upstream (upload) speeds much lower than down. This is a home network cable Internet speed test from Ookla, a company that provides Internet metrics.
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One DAH makes it possible to bring the IP network to every apartment in a building using the existing coax cabling, and once a DOCSIS cable modem has been connected to the network, the services start running immediately.
Its arrival made ST the first to integrate a DOCSIS cable modem and HDTV MPEG4 decoder, creating a single chip supporting HDTV, interactive services, broadband Internet and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) functions such as pausing live TV.
Contained in a weatherproof, lockable exterior box, the unit is equipped with a DOCSIS cable modem, 10/100BaseT connectors for Ethernet, RJ11 for HPNA, and RJ11 for telephony, and supports up to four toll-quality voice lines.
The set-top box, which was developed for Cable & Wireless Communications is, according to Pace, the first in the world to incorporate a high-speed DOCSIS cable modem, which enables viewers to interact instantly with the TV, transferring data to and from the box at speeds of up to 100 times faster than a conventional telephone modem.
"The BCM3349 and BCM3419 allow our customers to create extremely cost effective solutions that will enable them to successfully compete in the highly competitive DOCSIS cable modem market," said Jay Kirchoff, Broadcom's director of marketing for Cable Modems.
The Terayon TJ 615 is the industry's first DOCSIS cable modem to utilize advanced physical layer technology to greatly increase scalability, upstream capacity and ensure reliable service delivery.
Motorola's extensive SURFboard family has evolved into a leading DOCSIS cable modem platform, with shipments of nearly 6 million standards- based modems to date.
Robotics DOCSIS Cable Modem has received Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 1.0 Qualification from Cable Television Laboratories Inc.
Other Instant Broadband modem products like the Instant Broadband ADSL Modem + Router and a DOCSIS cable modem will soon be released to expand Linksys' Instant Broadband product line.