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(dōm), peak, 14,942 ft (4,554 m) high, Valais canton, S Switzerland, in the Mischabelhörner group. It is the highest peak entirely in Switzerland.
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(1) See disk on module.

(2) (Document Object Model) A programming interface (API) from the W3C that lets applications and scripts render the data in XML, XHTML and HTML files as a hierarchical tree structure.

DOM Creates a Database Record (Row/Tuple)
Introduced in 1998, the DOM implementation converts XML documents into a hierarchical node tree in RAM that looks like a database record, a.k.a. a row or tuple. The node tree allows updating in a similar manner to traditional database updating, making data exchange between XML documents and databases more straightforward. Without DOM, the text and tags in an XML document have to be scanned sequentially and rearranged by the program.

Event Processing
In 2000, DOM Level 2 (DOM2) gave the programmer a way to handle events such as mouse down, mouse click and mouse over. Events may be preprocessed at any tag from the top of the tree to the target tag at the bottom ("capture" phase) and then back up ("bubbling" phase). These phases were implemented for backward compatibility with earlier Netscape and IE browsers. See DOM implementation, DOM application, SAX and object model.

Nodes in an XML Record
DOM converts (parses) an XML document into a hierarchical node tree. Writing an XML update program is then similar to writing a database update program, using the same kinds of functions available in a database management system (see DBMS).
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It may be concluded that short-term stretching exercises possibly may have some beneficial impact on muscle soreness, but have an insignificant impact on muscle performance and flexibility.25 Mild to moderate-intensity stretching is prophylactically useful in DOMS. However, extensive stretching can be a source of muscle damage.
You can try reducing DOMS by following a well designed programme that doesn't throw you into the deep end but instead gives your body time to adapt and get accustomed to the new exercises.
Eicosanoids regulate inflammation within the body, and as a result, can reduce DOMS. (2) Drs.
Increased T2-weighted signal intensity indicates intramuscular fluid accumulation, which shows good correlation to the degree of ultrastructural damage in the context of DOMS and suggests the use of MRI for the quantitative assessment of exercise-induced muscle damage (Nurenberg et al., 1992; Yanagisawa et al., 2015).
Rocher des Doms public gardens, Avignon PIC: Felix Charpentier/ Paul Munhoven
The adsorption kinetics of OTC to three sediments plotted in Figure 2 apparently showed that, before DOMs were added, the adsorption for three sediments is mainly divided into two phases, that is, the first phase for rapid adsorption in the first 8 hrs and the second phase for slow adsorption; the equilibrium time is about in 30 hrs.
In the new role, Doms will be responsible for providing in-depth analysis on macro-economic trends affecting the U.S.
I've seen more and more Doms who are stepping outside the bounds of what was talked about and negotiated between the submissive and the Dom.
Subramanya points out the advantages that DoMS enjoys being a part of IISc.
[3,7,8] Despite these inconsistencies in findings related to DOMS and fatigue, when performance has been investigated, several studies have shown that post-exercise protein supplementation improves subsequent performance [9-11] although, as with DOMS and fatigue, some studies have shown no positive effect.
All of which is why the latest research on the powerful marine Omega-3, Lyprinol, caught my attention recently, because it was making the same point, in scientific language, about muscle pain after exercise, known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS):(1)
The purpose of our study is to investigate how Doms in DD relationships describe and perform their Domdentity.