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At the time I was buying my pointer from DPMS I remembered ArmaLite offering a similar pointer.
By putting two ejectors and springs in their bolt, DPMS cuts their work in half and gives us some redundancy.
with an after-party under the Big Tent, and the drawing for the winner of a DPMS .
PVA is extremely grateful to DPMS Panther Arms for sponsoring this opportunity.
Or if you have having trouble with your existing equipment DPMS will provide a full service.
Eastern Europe, and Japan, DPMS is simple in structure and can be searched with the producers' descriptors and classification codes, or free-text.
Jones of SSK Industries built for me on a DPMS lower receiver.
The firearms were from Remington, Para-USA, H&R 1871, DPMS, Marlin and Bushmaster.
That picture of the youngster hunting with the DPMS AR-15 (April 2008) was in such bad taste it boggles my mind anyone in the "business" would publish it.
Luth is former owner and founder of DPMS Panther Arms.