DR plot

DR plot (dead-reckoning plot)

DR plot (dead-reckoning plot)
A chart on which successive courses, winds, fixes, and positions of aircraft calculated by dead reckoning are shown.
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The value of E evaluated from the slope (AY) of the DR plot using equation was (7.94 0.06 kJ mol-1), which is in the range expected for physical adsorption (816 kJmol-1) [23].
DR Plot was drawn showing average pore width 120.13 A0,adsorption energy was 2.16 KJ/mole, microscope volume was 0.01 cc/g and microscope surface area was 36.05 m2/g.
The earliest view is an engraving featured in Dr Plot's History of Staffordshire in 1750 and are two attractive 19th century views of the inner courtyard in 1837 and 1849 show its past popularity with visitors after restoration work by various Earls of Dudley.