DS level

DS level

(Digital Signal or Data Service level) Originally an AT&T classification of transmitting one or more voice conversations in one digital data stream. The best known DS levels are DS0 (a single conversation), DS1 (24 conversations multiplexed), DS1C, DS2, and DS3.

By extension, the DS level can refer to the raw data rate necessary for transmission:

DS0 64 Kb/s DS1 1.544 Mb/s DS1C 3.15 Mb/s DS2 6.31 Mb/s DS3 44.736 Mb/s DS4 274.1 Mb/s

(where K and M signify multiplication by 1000 and 1000000, rather than powers of two). In this sense it can be used to measure of data service rates classifying the user access rates for various point-to-point WAN technologies or standards (e.g. X.25, SMDS, ISDN, ATM, PDH).

Japan uses the US standards for DS0 through DS2 but Japanese DS5 has roughly the circuit capacity of US DS4, while the European standards are rather different (see E1). In the US all of the transmission rates are integral multiples of 8000 bits per second but rates above DS1 are not necessarily integral multiples of 1,544 kb/s.
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SUCCESS RATES OF FEATURE GROUPS OBTAINED FROM DIFFERENT LEVELS Level #Features WL=4 WL=5 WL=6 WL=7 WL=8 DS Level 1 144 88.4039 87.1720 85.6288 85.6244 75.4647 DS Level 2 144 87.7539 75.8574 76.6913 71.4425 68.4587 DS Level 3 144 77.7181 62.6962 76.0299 72.1870 82.5840 DS Level 1-2 288 92.7996 92.2347 93.3671 90.8595 87.4835 DS Level 1-3 288 94.7280 90.2659 86.9406 91.0260 77.8372 DS Level 1-2-3 432 96.8950 94.5108 95.0123 93.2881 93.0385 TABLE IX.
North American Designator (DS Level) T1 (DS1) 1.544 Mbps 24 voice channels T1C 3.152 Mbps 48 voice channels T2 (DS2) 6.312 Mbps 96 voice channels T3 (DS3) 44.736 Mbps 672 voice channels T4 (DS4) 274.176 Mbps 4,032 voice channels SOURCE: NEWTON'S TELECOM DICTIONARY Fact or Fallacy?
The new Model 7001 DS level switch was developed specifically for drums, carboys, and portable tanks.
At the DS level, the fuel stockage objective was 5 DOS--derived by multiplying the consumption factor by five, plus 5 percent of total storage capacity.
If I receive requisitions from Army maintainers for DS level parts (SMR = PAFxx), I reject the requisitions.
HMIS/MSDS Reporting Required R Terminal or Obsolete, Replaced Z Terminal or Obsolete, Not Replaced K D ITEM: Deport O/H & Maintenance Kits (Kit) F ITEM: Maintenance Kit, Place at O, F, H, L B ITEM: in both Depot Repair & Maint Kits M 0 MFG OR FAB at Unit Level (Manufacture) F MFG OR FAB at DS Level H MFG OR FAB at GS Level L MFG OR FAB at Special Repair Activity (SRA) G MFG OR FAB at Both Afloat and Ashore (Navy Only) D MFG OR FAB at Depot Maintenance Level A 0 ITEM: Assembled at Unit (Assembled) F ITEM: Assembled at DS Level H ITEM: Assembled at GS Level L ITEM: Assembled at SRA G ITEM: Assembled at Afloat and Ashore (Na Only) D ITEM: Assembled at Depot Maintenance Level X A ITEM: Requisition Next Higher Assembly (Not Stocked) B ITEM: Not Procured or Stocked.
Under SSF, AMC will capitalize all Army inventory down to the DS level. These changes will make the DMMC irrelevant under the Objective Force.
In 15.2% of patients, the DS terminated at levels above the S1-S2 intervertebral disc space, while 13.9% had DS levels below the lower border of S2 (Fig.
Fortunately for the BCT, maintenance units at both the organizational and DS levels had a core of experienced, full-time maintenance technicians who were able to bring their traditional ARNG Soldiers up to MOS proficiency after they arrived in Iraq.
At day 30 control WS SPAD measured 25.2 and rose to 35.9 at day 90 compared to control DS levels which started at 17.8 and rose to 32.1.