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symbol for the element darmstadtiumdarmstadtium,
artificially produced radioactive chemical element; symbol Ds; at. no. 110; mass number of most stable isotope 281; m.p., b.p., sp. gr., and valence unknown. Situated in Group 10 of the periodic table, it is expected to have properties similar to those of platinum.
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drop siding, novelty siding, rustic siding

drop siding
An exterior wall cladding of wooden boards (or strips of other material such as aluminum or vinyl), which are tongued and grooved or rabbeted and overlapped so that the lower edge of each board interlocks with a groove in the board immediately below it.


On drawings, abbr. for downspout.


(1) See Nintendo DS.

(2) (Digital Signal) A classification of digital circuits. The DS technically refers to the rate and format of the signal, while the T designation refers to the equipment providing the signals. In practice, "DS" and "T" are used synonymously; for example, DS1 and T1, DS3 and T3. See OC.

NORTH AMERICA, JAPAN, KOREA, ETC.VoiceService  Channels     Speed

 DS0         1          64 Kbps
 DS1        24       1.544 Mbps  (T1)
 DS1C       48       3.152 Mbps  (T1C)
 DS2        96       6.312 Mbps  (T2)
 DS3       672      44.736 Mbps  (T3)
 DS4      4032     274.176 Mbps  (T4)

 EUROPE (ITU)Voice        SpeedService  Channels    (Mbps)

 E1         30         2.048
 E2        120         8.448
 E3        480        34.368
 E4       1920       139.264
 E5       7680       565.148

 SONET CIRCUITSOptical  Electrical    SpeedChannel  Channel      (Mbps)

 OC-1      STS-1        51.84
 OC-3      STS-3       155.52
 OC-3c     STS-3c      155.52
 OC-12     STS-12      622.08
 OC-12c    STS-12c     622.08
 OC-48     STS-48     2488.32
 OC-192    STS-192    9953.28
 OC-768    STS-768   39813.12

 OC  = Optical Carrier
 STS = Synchronous Transport Signal
   c = concatenated
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Once local access is accomplished, the customer organization basically has complete ownership of its FT1 resources, with the ability of dynamically reassign applications among available DS-0 channels using its own software-controlled DS-1 muxes.
The turnkey Pro-Managed DS-1 Internet Solutions includes SAVVIS' All-Quality DS-1 Internet Access, a Cisco Systems router with internal CSU/DSU, on-site equipment installation, comprehensive 24 x 7 network support, guaranteed on-site maintenance of Internet equipment, and detailed reports on Internet usage and performance.
As part of this comprehensive DS-1 offering, SAVVIS customers are able to select from two options for their Pro-Managed solution.
FiberCom has established an entry base unit, with a 2-port DS-1 service access module and an OC-3 network interface with a list price of $15,000.
The DS-1 and E1 interfaces support both structured and unstructured circuit emulation.