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(1) (Digital Signal Controller) A microcontroller and digital signal processor (DSP) combined on the same chip. A DSC adds the interrupt-driven capabilities normally associated with a microcontroller to a DSP, which typically functions as a continuous process. See microcontroller and DSP. See also DCS.

(2) (Digital Still Camera) See digital camera.

(3) (Dynamic Smart Cooling) See datacenter cooling.

(4) (Display Stream Compression) A compression method for ultra high-definition video. See VESA Display Stream Compression.
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For application in failure analysis and quality control, using the DSC 214 Polyma with the Identify software can be used to analyse a DSC measurement on a rejected (broken) part, which can help to minimise product failures when used as a standard tool.
But just having that DSC unit aboard is not enough to save your bacon if you need help fast.
The solution is knitted together with software that compares the actual weight of the cases being picked to a pallet against an item master list in DSC's proprietary warehouse management system (WMS).
DSC's teaching staff directly provides in-school, hands-on educational programs throughout Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.
Table 1 and Figure 3 show samples of the DSC used to measure the optical performance.
To learn more about the DSC and its projects, visit www.detroitsoundconservancy.org.
Emicool said that DSC is a new geographic location that can be successfully added to its delivery model considering the population growth seen over the last 12 months.
The DSC G7 staff served in multiple roles for the exercise including as a higher notional theater support command in the Higher Response Cell as a control element for the exercise.
The DSC 4000 single furnace solution is applicable for a wide range of routine applications in the academic, polymer and pharmaceutical markets.
The measuring head of a DSC contains a compartment that has specimen and reference sensors located adjacent to each other.
Mr Nelson, who runs Everton- based AQx International, gained an audience with DSC bosses through the British Embassy.