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SCCS and DSEE support extensional versioning (of text files) but conditional compilation employs interleaved deltas for intensional versioning.
The two phones come equipped with a dual-rear camera setup as well and support DSEE HX and LDAC for supporting hi-resolution audio playback.
DSEE HX is designed to upscale the audio fidelity of existing MP3, AAC
- DSEE HX, Hi-Res Audio and Digital Noise Cancellation audio engines
Contract notice: acquisition of a mass spectrometer for an atg analyzer for the dsee research laboratory at imt atlantique campus in nantes.
Also, the company's DSEE HX technology is built into this phone, that upscales audio output to bring them closer to Hi-Res levels.
New audio engines have been added such as Hi-Resolution Audio for both PCM and DSD files and Sony DSEE HX for WALKMAN app compatible with MP3, AAC and Music Unlimited tunes.
Hi-Res Audio lets you listen to music in the quality as the artist intended, while DSEE HX upscales your compressed music to near Hi-Res Audio quality; and LDAC ensure superb wireless listening.
It is also possible to up-scale streamed tracks or MP3s to near High-res quality with the presence of Sony's native DSEE HX technology.
Other features found on Xperia Z3 devices are STAMINA mode to extend battery life, Sony PlayStation 4 Remote Play for wireless mobile gaming of PlayStation games and several sound engines such as DSEE HX, Hi-Res Audio and Digital Noise Cancellation.
These are also the first headphones with the DSEE HX TM built in to upscale compressed music from any source to near High-Resolution Audio sound quality, even in wireless mode.
Adding to the overall tech capabilities the speakers also consist of DSEE and LDAC features.