cable/DSL gateway

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cable/DSL gateway

A device that connects multiple computers to a cable or DSL line for Internet access. Also called a "residential gateway," "modem/router," "modem gateway," "home gateway" and "Internet gateway."

The cable gateway includes a cable modem and coaxial cable connector, while the DSL gateway includes a DSL modem and telephone connector. Both devices also include a router and an Ethernet switch to connect (typically four) computers by wire.

Wireless Gateway
A "wireless gateway" is a cable or DSL gateway that includes a Wi-Fi access point. A wireless gateway is a modem and wireless router in one unit (see wireless router).

Wireless Voice Gateway for Cable Service
A "wireless voice gateway" is a cable gateway that includes a telephony modem, which converts digital voice to analog telephones.

Both wireless gateways and wireless voice gateways provide the network infrastructure for a Wi-Fi hotspot (wireless) and Ethernet (wired). See cable modem, DSL modem and bridge mode.

Wireless Router Plus Modem
Gateways combine an Internet modem with a wireless router, the latter providing routing, Wi-Fi and Ethernet in one unit. See wireless router.

An Xfinity Cable Gateway
This Xfinity gateway is a cable modem, telephone modem and wireless router that creates three hotspots: one private and two public. See Xfinity hotspot.

DSL Gateway
This unit from Zoom Telephonics combines a DSL modem, Ethernet switch and router in one appliance. Routers for homes and small offices generally include a firewall.
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