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(1) See digital service provider, data storage provider and demand-side platform.

(2) (Digital Signal Processor) A chip that provides ultra-fast instruction sequences for digital signal processing (definition #3 below). For example, shift-and-add and multiply-and-add are commonly used in these math-intensive applications. DSP chips are found in cellphones, sound cards, fax machines, modems, hard drives and digital TVs. In the late 1970s, Texas Instrument's very popular Speak & Spell game was credited for having the first commercial DSP chip. See DSC.

(3) (Digital Signal Processing) A category of techniques that manipulate the signals from real-world events. Sound, temperature, images and motion are converted into digital data and analyzed using algorithms such as Fast Fourier Transform. Specialized chips are commonly used (definition #2 above).

Easier in Digital
Once a signal has been reduced to numbers, its components can be isolated, analyzed and rearranged more easily than in analog form. DSP is used in many fields, including biomedicine, sonar, radar, seismology, audio, speech and music processing, imaging and communications. It is also used to create the concert hall and surround sound effects in stereo and home theater equipment. See image processing.

Sound Effects
This automobile sound system offers Concert, Live and other digitally created sound effects. Although "DSP" is the name of this category, "sound effects" would be a much more user-friendly term.
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According to sources, a citizen Usman Khan, resident of G-11, lodged a complaint with the PS Shalimar stating he was associated with property business and a person Abrar Sarwar Qureshi approached him in his office while introducing himself as DSP in Traffic Police Rawalpindi.
'It has been found that the above mentioned duo (DSP Hussain and former ASI Khalid) is running an organised and systematic network which provides to vice dens and organised crimes like bookies, gambling, bootleggers, prize-bond dealers (akra-parchi) and foreign exchange dealers,' states the report.
The Tensilica Vision P6 DSP is based on the Cadence Tensilica Xtensa[R] architecture, and combines flexible hardware choices with a library of vision/imaging DSP functions and numerous vision/imaging applications from our established ecosystem partners.
Energetics, a leading American energy and management consultancy, have also joined DSP. Having worked with the US Department of Energy for over 35 years in order to support the American clean energy ambitions, they have chosen DSP as their base to help Dubai achieve its Clean Energy Strategy 2050, providing high-quality advisory support to clients within the region.
To improve DSP performance by a factor of 2, a new and innovative technique using QDR SRAM for external storage can be implemented.
DSP Media, KARA's agency, said in a notice last Jan.
Leveraging DSP Group's field-proven and highly-integrated VoIP chipset, powered by an ARM926 application processor and a powerful DSP processor, W52P is a SIP Cordless Phone System designed for small businesses and SoHo's looking for a cost-saving yet scalable SIP-based mobile communications system.
CEVA believes that a software-based Wi-Fi approach based on the CEVA-XC4000 DSP architecture framework is the optimal way to address both the performance and flexibility issues with current hardwired designs and we look forward to sharing our expertise in this area with the Wi-Fi Alliance and its members."
Leveraging its longstanding market leadership in cordless telephony, DSP Group has been at the forefront of CAT-iq (Cordless Advanced Technology - Internet and quality) technology since its inception.
This latest agreement enables Infineon to leverage the superior features and processing performance offered by the latest generation CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP architecture while maintaining code compatibility with the existing CEVA-based Infineon architectures.
Direct Supply Partners, LLC (DSP), announces a strategic marketing alliance with Fuzion Holdings.