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It has 40 restaurant outlets under THWPL and DSPL, including franchised stores.
There are 40 restaurant outlets under THWPL and DSPL, both company-owned and franchised stores.
The ratings are however constrained by DSPL's modest scale of operations, which increases its sensitivity to business cycles resulting in limited bargaining power and its limited client diversification with top three clients accounting for some 75% of its sales in the first half of fiscal 2010, notwithstanding the recent client diversification efforts undertaken by the management.
(DSPL) Salak, Geo- 330 Dayabumi Salak West Java thermal Pratama.
UGI also delivers steam to DSPL for three other plants which supply electric power to PLN on behalf of Pertamina.
(DSPL) of Spain, belonging to the ACS group of Spain.
High-level tools based on this concept, such as CSRL (5), DSPL (2), MUM (16), and MOLE (13), illustrate how this approach facilitates knowledge modeling, knowledge acquisition, explanation, and learning.