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The “storm-time” component of variation of the terrestrial magnetic field, that is, the component which correlates with the interval of time since the onset of a magnetic storm; used as an index of intensity of the ring current.
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Daylight-Saving Time.
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(1) (DeSTination) Contrast with SRC, which is an abbreviation of "source."

(2) (Digital Signal Trust Company, Salt Lake City, UT) An organization that set up and managed PKI systems for companies and industry groups. Using third-party software, DST served as a certification authority (CA), managed the repository and provided a secure location for the private keys. Founded in 1996, Utah-based DST was the first licensed CA in the U.S. and the first PKI service organization, and Utah was the first state to pass digital signature legislation. In 2002, DST was acquired by Identrus LLC (www.identrus.com), a global leader in digital trust services and secure e-commerce. See PKI.

(3) (Data Storage Technology) An earlier high-capacity magnetic tape technology from Ampex that was based on the digital composite D2 format for the broadcasting industry. It used the same 19mm, helical scan transport, but provided higher capacities with Ampex's proprietary Data D-2 (DD2) format. DST cartridges ranged from 50 to 330GB. Ampex's Data Instrumentation Systems (DIS) tape technology was a counterpart line that provided optional modes and interfaces for data acquisition devices. See magnetic tape.

DST Tape Storage
DST was not exactly for home computer use. The 4mm DAT cassette is shown for size comparison.
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For insurance transactions, Sandoval said that various DST rates for life-insurance policies, as well as changed tax base, which moved from the effective rate of 12 percent on the premium.
Unlike interests in a corporation, LLC or limited partnership, interests in a DST constitute valid exchange property in a 1031 exchange transaction if certain conditions are met.
However, nearly 100 years of legislative and judicial landmarks have integrated to bring together the DST concept.
Moreover, to the extent the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires the deletion of user data, or gives users the option to have their data deleted, it is unclear how companies will be able to demonstrate where their revenue arises from or who the value generating data was shared with, in order to properly collect a DST. For example, if a company uses a user's internet protocol (IP) address to identify the user's country, what are the implications for the DST if companies cannot (or will not) collect that data under the GDPR?
The Tax Code has a similar rule in assessing DST. Section 196 of the Tax Code provides that the tax due shall be based on the 'consideration contracted to be paid for such realty or on its fair market value determined in accordance of Section 6(E) of the Tax Code, whichever is higher.'
DST is a global provider of specialised technology, strategic advisory and business operations outsourcing to the financial services and healthcare industries.
retirement and wealth management markets and adds more than 110 million investor positions across DST's client base.
Staff members in Switzerland will remain employees of DST Computer Services.
The briefing was followed by an introductory "crawl" phase of training, which provided a full day of classroom presentation and relevant lectures from DST experts.
Virgin Islands and almost all of Arizona do not have DST.
The decision was issued following a presidential decree in April 2015, which stipulated the suspension of DST in future years, after a poll conducted by the government showed that the majority of Egyptians did not support the clocks being put forwards an hour in summer.