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(tool, storage)
("disk usage") The Unix command to list the amount of disk space consumed by a directory and its subdirectories.

Unix manual page: du(1).
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On drawings, abbr. for disposal unit.
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Inherent variances are due to DUT cable positioning and orientation, coupling to chamber or test cell structure and (for mains-powered DUTs) local mains supply impedances and imbalances.
These rotation angles as seen from the point of view of the DUT are given by [[theta].sub.s] = -[[theta]'.sub.x].
The coupling between the probe and the DUT can change when the distance is altered or the probe vibrates.
* [k.sub.2Std] and [k.sub.2DUT] are some unknown terms related to the leakage of cable and connector, drift, linearity and frequency error when the reference standard and the DUT are connected to port 2,
The fabricator has to worry about tight impedance control, and because of the DUT package, these boards will often have blind and filled vias.
The losses in this approach can be extracted and optimized based on the information from the signal's rise time degradation and on the slope of the TDR voltage in the DUT's region.
Specification based verification Task Specifications Generating input stimuli DUT specifications Writing tests Test plan Protocol checking DUT specifications or standard bus specifications Coverage Coverage plan Table 2.
It is possible to measure the system noise floor and determine how close it is to the DUT noise floor, and the resulting error can be calculated.
Strain surveys for rotating parts are considerably more difficult due to the very high "g" loads involved on both the device under test (DUT) and the instrumentation.
CM2 also performs device under test (DUT) management functions, such as informing the operator of DUTs that are due for calibration based on user-defined calibration intervals.