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Panasonic's variant of the DV (Digital Video) format. Developed for professional use, DVCPRO provides higher quality by increasing tape speed and track pitch. The increased track size uses more tape because DV tracks are recorded on the diagonal (see helical scan). Introduced in 1995, DVCPRO uses metal particle (MP) tape for added reliability and also adds cueing tracks for enhanced editing. In addition, it "locks the audio," which prevents the audio from drifting out of sync with the video.

DVCPRO tape decks play the larger DVCPRO cassettes, as well as MiniDV cassettes with an adapter.

DVCPRO50 doubles the transfer rate of standard DV, while DVCPRO HD (DVCPRO100) quadruples the rate and boosts the SD 720x480i resolution to HD resolutions of 960x720x60p/50p and 1280x1080x60i or 1440x1080x50i. DVCPRO HD also supports 24 fps recording. See DV, SD formats and HD formats.

A DVCPRO Video Tape Recorder (VTR)
This tape deck accepts Medium-size cassettes (M-cassetes), and the adapter (currently inserted) is used to play smaller S-cassettes.

DV Cassettes
Mid-size DVCPRO metal particle (MP) tape cassettes record two hours of DVCPRO (DVCPRO25), one hour of DVCPRO50 and 30 minutes of DVCPRO HD.
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Software UpdateAn update of its free AVCHD transcoder that will allow users to down convert AVCHD content recorded by AVCCAM camcorders into DV files, in addition to DVCPRO HD.Available at www.panasonic.com/avccam, the AVCHD Transcoder version 2.1 will provide AVCCAM users with even more flexibility for work across HD and SD workflow environments.
Featuring recording to SD/SDHC cards in AVCHD at up to 24Mbps (AC160), in full 4:2:2 quality to P2 cards, in either DVCPro HD or AVC-INTRA at up to 100Mbps (HPX250) - both with full LPCM-quality sound - these cameras set a new benchmark in both quality and performance.
Incorporating a 2.2 megapixel, 2/3-type CCD (3CCD) image sensor and the latest AVC-Intra Codec for broadcasting (compatible with MPEG-4 AVC/H.264), the AJ-HPX3100 offers high image quality and performance for high-end video production and supports multi-format HD capability as well as SD, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV recording.
On a positive note, DVCPRO HD files in MXF, HDV, DV, and H.264 files produced by the Canon EOS 7D all loaded without issue, though XDCAM EX files produced by the JVC GYHM700U in QuickTime mode would not load.
It is engineered to run six streams of 10-bit uncompressed HD video or 30 streams of DVCPro HD video simultaneously for up to four users without the aid of a switch.
DVS' Venice allows for native real-time capture and playout of various broadcast formats such as Panasonic DVCPro and AVC-Intra, Avid DNxHD and Sony XDCAM.
Tape and physical sources such as Beta, DVCAM, MiniDV, DVD, and DVCPro in both NTSC and PAL formats are generally captured using an NLE and exported as DV25 AVI files for consistency and archival purposes.
The performance-optimized architecture of the RAIDBank5 makes it ideal for storage-centric needs of professional digital audio applications and digital video production environments with support for multi-stream High Definition Video, DVCPro for broadcasting use, Apple's Pro-Res 422 for post production on Final Cut Studio, as well as uncompressed Standard Definition and High Definition video workflow.