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Finally, there's the long-awaited arrival of DVD Audio, a format that takes advantage of DVD's wonderful home-theater sound capabilities.
said Tuesday it will introduce two DVD audio players to the domestic market on June 30.
a provider of audio chip solutions, has unveiled two new Crystal digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that support both dueling DVD audio standards.
said Friday it will put on the market a DVD audio player in late December as scheduled, despite three rival companies' decision to delay the release of their versions.
To that end, the standards will ensure that the new audio DVDs will play on existing CD machines and CDs will play on the new DVD machines by offering the current CD, or ``Red Book,'' standard on one layer and a second layer with DVD audio with other possible features such as text, graphics, video and interactivity.
DVD audio players play back music recorded on a DVD disk the size of a 12-centimeter music CD.
Users of the DVD audio players will be able to enjoy not only music but also DVD movie software already marketed, they said.