DVD drives

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DVD drives

Most optical drives today are combo CD/DVD drives that support all the DVD and CD formats. The speeds of the drives are rated by their DVD-ROM and CD-ROM transfer rates. The original DVD drive (1x) transferred data at 1.39MB per second, sufficient for movies. By doubling the spindle RPMs, the data transfer rate increased to 2.77MB/sec (2x) and so on.

Nine Times the CD-ROM Rating
Each DVD X is equivalent to roughly nine X's of CD speed because a DVD 1x is 1.39MB and a CD-ROM 1x is 150KB. See DVD player and CD-ROM drives.

DVD-ROM DataDVD-ROM    Transfer RateX Rating   (MBytes/sec)

       1x       1.39
       2x       2.77
       2.4x     3.32
       4x       5.54
       6x       8.31
       8x      11.08
      10x      13.85
      12x      16.62
      16x      22.16
      18x      24.93
      20x      27.70
      22x      30.47
      24x      33.24

A Lot of X's
This is the label from a Memorex combo CD/DVD drive. Each "X" number means X times 1.39MB for DVDs and X times 150KB for CDs.
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The Taiwan-based Quanta, the world's largest ODM (original design manufacturer) of laptops by shipment now, has been mired in the patent-infringement case since Laser Dynamic filed the case with the district court of Texas in 2005 against the Taiwanese firm allegedly illegally using its patented technology of viewing DVDs/CDs to produce DVD drives for laptops.
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Students who purchased one (1) unit of ASUS Transformer Book T100 can claim one (1) external DVD drive at the same store by simply providing a photocopy of their current school year ID and official receipt.
If you're running a newer version of Windows or the Mac operating system, your computer will recognize the flash drive just by plugging it in and will automatically assign a letter to it just as with your hard drive and CD or DVD drive. If you're running an older operating system such as Windows 98, Windows NT, or Mac OS 8, you may need to download a software driver (typically not available for Windows 95).
Together with the Toast DVD+R Double Layer capabilities, this state-of-the-art external drive will enable Mac users to burn nearly twice the amount of personal data (from 4.7GB to 8.5GB), or record more than three hours of MPEG-2 (DVD-quality) video content on a single DVD+R DL disc more quickly and easily than was possible on previous DVD drive series.
He installs mother boards, processors, adds memory and video cards, as well as sells or installs accessories, including printers, scanners, keyboards, sound cards, MP3 players, networking, firewalls, CD-Rom and DVD Drives.
The DVDR980 and DVDR985 will record in two formats, DVD+R and DVD+RW, meaning home-recorded disks will work on other DVD players as well as computer DVD drives, and be good for about four hours of recording.
Editorial will cover news relevant to the business of such devices as set-top boxes, entertainment PCs, intereactive television, DVD drives and players, game consoles, digital TV, consumer network applications and the semiconductors used in those devices.
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Seeing the emergence of blu-ray format, Taiwan's MIC (Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute) projects global shipment of blu-ray DVD drives and players to surge 116% and 50%, respectively, from last year to 8.45 million and 3.24 million units.
The system provides dual cooling fans, two 5.25-inch and two 3.5-inch bays for shock-isolated disks, CD or DVD drives, and space for seven full-length PCI, ISA or PCI/ISA expansion cards.