DYnamic LANguage

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DYnamic LANguage

(Dylan) A simple object-oriented Lisp dialect, most closely resembling CLOS and Scheme, developed by Advanced Technology Group East at Apple Computer.

Thomas is a Dylan compiler implemented in Scheme.

See also Marlais.

["Dylan(TM) an Object-Oriented Dynamic Language", Apple Computer, Eastern Research and Technology, April 1992].
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dynamic programming language

A language that requires less rigid coding on the part of the programmer. It typically features "dynamic typing," which gives the programmer more freedom to pass parameters at runtime without having to define them beforehand. A dynamic language may also perform some amount of self checking at runtime, which would normally be done ahead of time in a compilation stage. Although a dynamic language offers runtime flexibility and is generally easier to program, it does not eliminate the programmer's responsibility for understanding the interactions that will take place.

Convert to Machine Code at Runtime
The term may also refer to interpreted languages in general, which convert source code or bytecode to machine language at runtime, as well as to just-in-time compilation, the process of compiling the program the moment before it is executed.

Dynamic and Non-Dynamic Examples
Numerous languages fall into the dynamic category, including JavaScript, VBScript, Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Smalltalk. Examples of languages that are not dynamic are C/C++, Java, COBOL and FORTRAN. See dynamic, interpreter and JIT compilation.
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e First Minister said: "ese dynamic language spaces will enable people to engage and interact with the language and will also act as community hubs.
English is a living, dynamic language, and to force-fit it into the mold of Latin makes no sense at all.
She expects her readers to keep up with her varied stories that follow Rita from childhood to beyond the grave, and keeps us riveted with her dynamic language and dedication to detail.
Use of the IronRuby dynamic language to build Silverlight applications will be discussed as well.<p>Visual Studio 2010, the planned upgrade to the platform, will be the subject of a conference session pertaining to Web development.
Burrowing through the history of English shows an incredibly dynamic language which has adapted words from all over the world and throughout the ages.
Qabbani also spoke about the need to sustain the evolution of Arabic linguistics, adding that throughout the 1,400-year history of the Arabic language, Arab scholars have routinely lent linguistic variation to this "dynamic language." It is incumbent upon us, he said, to continue this tradition.
The Speech Engine performs recognition on audio data from any audio source, and allows for dynamic language, grammar, audio format and logging capabilities.
A dynamic language selection facility, with standard default languages being English, French and German.
Reynolds keeps the action compelling, emphasizing Parish's dynamic language.
Her strength as a writer is her ability to analyze imagery in relationship to the philosophical foundations of her query; her weakness is a rigid style in which the philosophical summaries seem dry and repetitive, severed from the dynamic language of the primary sources themselves, and in which intent is diagrammatically relayed to the reader.
Other features include automated problem diagnostics, electronic chat and dynamic language translation into eight languages.

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