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data acquisition

(1) The automatic collection of data from sensors and readers in a factory, laboratory, medical or scientific environment.

(2) The gathering of source data for data entry into the computer.

data administrator

A person who coordinates activities within the data administration department. Also called a "database analyst." See data administration and system development life cycle.

desk accessory

In the Macintosh, a program that is always available from the Apple menu no matter what application is running. Beginning with System 7, all applications can be turned into desk accessories.



(Black River, Songbo), a river in China and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; a right tributary and the largest tributary of the Hong River. The Da River is about 1,000 km long. Its source is in the Yunnan highlands, from which it flows primarily through a deep valley from northwest to southeast. The river overflows its banks during the monsoons of summer and fall. Rice is grown in its lower basin. The city of Hoa-binh (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) is on the Da.